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Why Use A Trade Services Consultant?

Customs Info is constantly changing. Keeping up with the rapidly changing trade regulations is not easy. Chances are you don't have the staff or the expertise to do so...and why should you. Just as you are the expert in your core business, G.Birley & Associates are the experts when it comes to trade consulting. Our professional advisory services provide you with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience.
Under the new Canada Customs & Revenue Agency Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS), importers and exporters are under increased scrutiny by customs to implement strategies to comply with the new compliance initiatives. The AMPS program significantly increases the legal responsibilities and liabilities upon the legal importer of record.
Who Are We?

G. Birley & Associates, are an International Trade Services Consulting firm. We provide all types of Customs Information to Importers and Exporters in Canada and abroad. We are located in the Greater Toronto Area and provide professional Import/Export, Customs Consulting, and Logistics services to aid you in the movement of your goods, both to and from Canada. We professionally tailor solutions to meet your needs and requirements. We deliver service that exceeds expectations. We also ensure you meet compliance requirements.
Trade Services

The following are just some of the various services that we offer:
  • Customs Consulting, Compliance Audits, Importing & Exporting Information, Documentary Requirements, Export Document Preparation, Drawbacks & Refunds, Landed Costings, NAFTA, Product / Parts / SKU's HS Classification, Transportation, Training Seminars

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